NADIA Skincare product line review with the Scout Guide of Mobile

NADIA Skincare is an amazing skincare line that uses the power of NAD+ to help rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. Recovery Room is the only seller of NADIA Skincare in Mobile. This product review came from our partnership with the Scout Guide of Mobile. If you are interested in trying out any of the NADIA Skincare products, go to our NADIA Skincare page.

Before trying NADIA Skincare.

DescTell me about your current routine.

Jamie: I switch around and try new things. I am not loyal to any one brand and have never used an entire line from one company because sometimes I like some products from a line and not others. I am excited to try a whole line that works together to improve my skin.

Katie: I am newly pregnant so I just currently stopped using a few of my normal products because they are not pregnancy safe.

Are there certain areas you are specifically looking to improve?

Jamie: Overall skin tone, removing dark spots, and keeping skin healthy and hydrated.

Katie: Blemishes and spots, smoothness and hydration.

How much effort do you currently put into your skincare routine?

Jamie: As a working mom of three, it is hard to stay on top of a routine morning and night. I ebb and flow with how much effort I currently put into my routine because sometimes I simply do not have time to keep it up.

Katie: I am very routined, however, I do like to keep it simple and use products that are easy to use and feel good.

Share your hopes. What do you want your results to look like when you are finished? What has you most excited to use NADIA?

Jamie: After hearing so much about the NAD treatment I am very hopeful about the NADIA skincare. It has so much research and is a new way to approach your skin inside and out. There is nothing else like it on the market. I am hopeful that it is something I will be able to keep up with and see improvements in the overall tone and feel of my skin.

Katie: I am very excited to find a skincare line that is organic clean products, that is researched and has proven results. As someone who is pregnant not having to worry about what I am putting on my skin if it is causing harm to myself or my child is huge for me. I am hoping for results in how my skin reacts and that I will never have to go back to using the products that have ingredients that are not safe.

NADIA Skincare before and after with Jamie

NADIA Skincare before and after with Jamie.

During the first 30-days of using NADIA Skincare.

Describe the feeling of using NADIA Skincare. (ie. Is it easy to use? Does it feel good to use? Do you notice a difference in how your skin feels? Do you notice, or have you been told about a difference in how your skin appears?)

Jamie: So far I feel like the NADIA is so easy to use. I love how each product has a different look to it so it is very easy to remember which to use and when. Some lines design their products to all look alike and it can be confusing what goes on your face and when. I have loved the day cream in the morning it is so light and sinks in quickly I can tell it is working and I can immediately put on my makeup afterwards. I am used to products that need to sit and dry on my skin for a while before being able to put on my makeup and with a busy schedule it is not always convenient. The same can be said about the serum. It goes on easy and sinks in. I feel it working but I do not feel like I have to let it sit. My husband has actually told me how good my skin looks which is reassuring to me because he sees me every day and for him to already tell a difference I know it is working. The eye cream as well has a roll-on feature that makes it so easy to use. They say rub your eye cream on with your ring finger so you do not cause more wrinkles to the thin skin around your eyes, which is hard to do. The silver ball on the eye cream is so gentle and I love that feature.

Katie: I love the pump! Pumps make everything easier. The night cream smells so good and I love how it feels on my face. At night you do want something a little thicker since it does its work overnight but it doesn’t feel cakey or too thick. I can feel it hydrating my skin when I get into bed but I love that it doesn’t make my skin feel greasy. I have been told a few times that my face is glowing and it must be my pregnancy but I can tell that it is the NADIA.

NADIA Skincare before and after with Katie.

NADIA Skincare before and after with Katie.

After the first 30-days of using NADIA Skincare.

Share your experience using NADIA Skincare. (ie. Did you find it helpful in providing repair/support to the target areas you were initially concerned about? How much effort was it to complete the regiment? Did the NADIA Skincare product line help you reach your goals?)

Jamie: I can truly say I can see a difference in my skin. The eye cream for me has made such a difference I was not even expecting or looking for. I always thought eye creams were mostly preventative but I can truly see that the NADIA one is also corrective, with dark circles and crows feet my eyes just seem more to match the rest of my skin which was a pleasant surprise. I feel like the line as a whole has definitely made a difference in the overall texture and pigment of my skin fading dark spots and making me feel like I do not need to wear makeup. The line is so easy to use and as I said before I started as a working Mom of three it takes no time and not a lot of effort to keep regimented so that has been a huge plus. I actually have already recommended the line and would definitely do so again.

Katie: I can say that what I want out of skincare, NADIA definitely has given me. And for it to be safe products are so huge especially for me being pregnant. You usually do not get results this quickly and I can tell my skin is hydrated and smoother and my overall skin tone is better now after just 30 days. It was very easy to use and I really loved each product on their own which does not usually happen.

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NADIA Skincare


NADIA means “hope.” NADIA Skincare’s mission is to provide hope for healthy aging. What does this mean? It means that beauty is not reserved for the very young, that all damage is not irreversible, and that taking care of yourself can be effortless. Because we believe that your time to be beautiful is not fleeting, and that simply living should not leave lines.

Recovery Room is the only provider for NADIA Skincare in Mobile, Alabama.

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