Frequently Asked Questions

Why rehydrate?

The base for our infusions is Lactated Ringers solution, which consists of the base fluid 0.9% sodium chloride.  Sodium chloride is a crucial element for replacing vital salt lost during exercise, alcohol over-indulgence, and illness.  Lactated Ringers also contains potassium, calcium chloride, and lactate. The concentrations of these elements in Lactated Ringers are comparable to that of our own blood.  While drinking fluids, energy drinks, and consuming vitamins may help, only roughly 50% of the nutrients contained in them are absorbed.  With IV administration of fluids and nutrients, you will achieve nearly 100% absorption, leading to quicker and longer-lasting results.

Our additives have been hand-selected to help in the treatment of cold, flu, stomach bugs and other viruses, alcohol over-indulgence, stress, and headaches and to help enhance mood, memory, skin health, weight-loss, and immunity.  We have pre-made wellness packages tailored to specific ailments, but we can also tailor infusions to your specific needs.  Our goal is to help you in developing the healthiest version of yourself.

Why rehydrate with Recovery Room?

Recovery Room is a locally owned and operated boutique infusion spa that was established with one goal in mind, helping you perform at your best every day in everything you do. Recovery Room offers IV hydration in a spa like atmosphere where you can avoid wait times and crowded waiting rooms filled with sick patients.  Our staff consists of registered nurses and licensed and accredited nurse practitioners that are passionate about what they do. Staff take the time to listen to each client’s complaints and goals and help formulate a plan for conquering these goals and complaints. We are always researching beneficial vitamins and nutrients as well as the latest trends in naturalistic therapy and we do our best to make these services available to our clients. We know that you value your health and want to earn not only your trust but also the ability to be part of your healthy lifestyle.

Is the treatment covered by insurance?

Our treatments are not covered by insurance.

How does it work?

Upon your first visit, you will meet with a licensed and accredited nurse practitioner to address your dehydration status and needs. Our skilled registered nurses or our licensed and accredited nurse practitioner places all IVs. You will relax in privacy on a comfortable lounge chair with access to TV, WIFI, and magazines to help pass the time. Some clients even prefer to take a nap in our quiet rooms. You will be out in under an hour leaving you not only feeling refreshed but also ready to conquer the rest of your day.

Who administers the IVs?

Our skilled registered nurses. paramedics or licensed and accredited nurse practitioner places all IVs.

All procedures are carried out under the licensure of the on-duty nurse practitioner under the direction of our medical director. Our designated Nurse practitioner is available onsite or via telecommunications (telemedicine) in accordance with the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners guidelines.

We also utilize a vein-finder with the more difficult IV’s assuring the most success. 

Does it hurt?

We use small needles so there is minimal pain involved.  We have numbing spray available upon request.

How will I feel after?

Clients who have used intravenous fluid therapies report feeling better immediately following the infusion with maximum benefits reached within 24 hours and lasting on average 14 days. Feel free to read some of our testimonials located on our Facebook page to get a more first-hand experience from our clients.

How much does it cost?

Recovery Room therapies range from $20– $200+ depending on the selected treatment. Our memberships provide cost saving benefits for our clients.

How long does it take?

Most IV infusion therapies are over in less than an hour while injections can be given within minutes, leaving you feeling your best and ready to conquer the rest of your day.

Do you have to have a membership to receive our therapies?

No. There is no requirement that you have a membership to receive any of our injections or infusions; however, memberships will provide savings.  The Guru membership saves you 50% off services, the Apprentice membership saves you 40%, and the Recruit membership saves you 30%.

How often do I need to get infusions?

There is no exact answer to this as some clients come in weekly for infusions while others come once a month. We evaluate each client on a case-by-case basis to determine the best plan to meet your goals.