Natural remedy to help recover and reduce the effects of seasonal allergies.

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Seasonal changes can be exciting, but seasonal allergies can drain all the fun out of your plans. The weather change and pollen are probably the triggers to allergic symptoms like constant sneezing, post-nasal drip, a runny or stuffy nose, itchy or watery eyes, mild fatigue, and in some cases migraines. Leaving us with less energy to enjoy the beautiful weather. Fortunately, there is a natural solution to dealing with allergies.

Vitamins and hydration to combat allergies.

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Proper hydration levels, vitamin C, and vitamin D are known ways to naturally deal with allergies.


Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in a healthy immune system. Zinc has the unique capability of enhancing the storage of histamine. Without proper levels of zinc in the body, histamine can be released into surrounding tissues thereby increasing the body’s response to allergens.


When harmful irritants like mold, dust, and pollen enter your body, your immune system will create histamines to help guard your body. Histamines are also used to regulate your body’s water supply. Lower levels of hydration and dehydration lead to increased levels of histamines. The increased levels of histamine in your body are what triggers the allergic reaction. Maintaining proper hydration levels can further help flush out your body, allowing you to keep a steady and healthy level of histamines internally.

Vitamin C

Antioxidants and antihistamines found naturally in vitamin C can help. A study by the Journal of International Medical Research found that “oxidative stress appears to be a key factor in the pathogenesis of allergic diseases.” So using an antioxidant that protects your cells just makes sense. Meanwhile, the antihistamines will help slow down the overreaction your body exhibits to seasonal factors.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another vitamin that can help reduce the severity of your allergic reaction. Vitamin D has known effects on lung development and the immune system, which has effects on allergen-induced inflammatory pathways. In other words, a lack of vitamin D could lead to your body becoming more inflamed when combating foreign particles that cause our springtime allergies, like pollen. An early correction of vitamin D deficiency might promote mucosal defense, helping your body trap and remove radical particles.

Vitamin B-Complex

We recommend including a regimen of vitamin B-complex to accompany your allergy recovery. Vitamin B impacts your energy levels, cellular health, and brain functions. When used to treat allergic reactions, vitamin B can play the pivotal role of maintaining proper energy levels to help you get through the day.

Recovery Room’s Revive IV Therapy

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What is the best way to get all these vitamins and nutrients in your system to counteract your allergies? We recommend the Revive IV. This treatment includes a vitamin B Complex, vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. We can add vitamin D to this mixture, or provide a vitamin D shot. Collectively, this treatment is highly effective. It will get you on your feet and work to keep you feeling healthy.

Recovery Room

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